Aimpoint Digital is excited to announce the launch of our new Databricks Brickbuilder Lakehouse Onboarding Accelerator, which aims to fast-track the time to success across the Databricks platform. This specialized Lakehouse Onboarding program eliminates the learning curve, empowering teams to swiftly harness the platform’s capabilities. This program delivers a fully working, best practice, end-to-end data pipeline built on Unity Catalog for data governance, security, and discoverability. This pipeline serves as a robust foundation that can be leveraged to build out your entire Databricks analytics capabilities.

Accelerate time to ROI with an Experienced Strategic Partner

Onboarding any new application can be a multifaceted journey involving new skillsets, architecture, and terminology. With Databricks consistently enhancing its platform through exciting updates and features, the landscape is ever-evolving, offering more possibilities. While setting up a data pipeline is an obvious first step, the key lies in transforming this data for users to extract actionable insights. By using our specialized services, you can eliminate the learning curve, ensuring a seamless transition to valuable insights and ROI.

Expert Guidance: Leverage our seasoned Databricks specialists to navigate complexities, ensuring swift and scalable implementations. 

Structured Training: Tailored Databricks training modules for your team, reducing the learning curve and boosting productivity.

Unified Analytics Strategy: As a unified analytics consultancy encompassing strategy, data science, analytics, and data engineering expertise, we are uniquely positioned to create a customized solution that meets your strategic analytical needs. 

Best Practices: Over time, our team has built up a knowledge base of applied best practices grounded in real-world experience. This expertise, enriched by our hands-on involvement in numerous migrations and pipeline development projects, ensures that we bring knowledge and practical insight to every engagement.

Data Governance and Discoverability Done Right

The surge in data accessibility presents what we’ve termed the Data Proliferation Paradox. This paradox encapsulates the dual-edged nature of data growth – abundant opportunities on one side and mounting challenges of data governance, security, and accessibility on the other. Navigating this intricate landscape is undeniably among the most formidable tasks when extracting value from a Lakehouse.

Our Lakehouse Onboarding Accelerator will:

  • Lay a foundation of solid data governance principles and procedures on the Unity Catalog.
  • Automate creating and maintaining access control through CI/CD.
  • Provide dashboard reporting for security and auditing.

Showcase the Art-Of-The-Possible With Databricks

Delve into the world of advanced analytics with Databricks and unlock unprecedented possibilities. Our Lakehouse Onboarding Accelerator is meticulously designed to facilitate your journey in constructing a comprehensive analytical Lakehouse platform. By leveraging our tailored solution, you’ll be equipped to integrate vast data streams seamlessly and harness insights effectively, propelling your data strategies to the forefront of innovation.

About Databricks Brickbuilder Accelerators

Databricks Brickbuilders Accelerators pairs the expertise of consulting partners with the Databricks Lakehouse Platform to offer innovative accelerators for setting up and hydrating the lakehouse in weeks, not months. With Brickbuilder Accelerators, you are guaranteed to get: 

A Trusted Partner: Databricks collaborates with partners like Aimpoint Digital because of their extensive industry knowledge and experience to help you build and execute your Lakehouse strategy. Brickbuilder Accelerators aim to help you solve critical analytics challenges, reduce costs, and enhance productivity with as little friction as possible.

Credible Frameworks: Aimpoint Digital has a specialist team, highly trained and certified on the Databricks Lakehouse Platform, to deliver Lakehouse Onboarding and provide the expertise needed to address your most significant data, analytics, and AI needs. 

Accelerated Value: Our services and automated frameworks, combined with the Databricks Lakehouse Platform, help you quickly hydrate your lakehouse and innovate faster.

Aimpoint Digital’s Databricks Brickbuilder Lakehouse Onboarding Accelerator is Available Now!

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