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Data Science February 14, 2023
Optimized Production Schedules: How Aimpoint Digital Increased Throughput and Reduced Scheduling Time

Efficiently operating available equipment is essential for manufacturing companies in ...

Data Science February 1, 2023
Supply Chain Network Optimization

Supply Chain Network Optimization Optimally curtailing supply chain costs is paramount in ...

Data Visualization November 9, 2022
Color Best Practices in Data Visualization

5 Color Concepts Do’s & 4 Misleading Color Practice Don’ts  Color is more than ...

Data Analytics July 20, 2022
Aimpoint Digital Volunteer Day Leads to New Insights for Dog Rescue

Each year at Aimpoint Digital, the company gives all employees the time to volunteer for ...

Data Visualization September 11, 2020
Aimpoint Tableau Hackathon #1

Nurturing a data analytics and data visualization community is no small task, requiring many ...

Data Science April 30, 2020
How Network Analysis Can Add Value

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