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Data Science March 24, 2022
Optimizing Retail Pricing Models with AI

A retailer’s success is greatly dependent on the pricing of its products. Optimizing ...

Data Science March 18, 2022
Manufacturing Yield Improvement With Data Science 

Manufacturing yield improvement leads to a direct reduction in costs and increase in revenues ...

Data Science March 10, 2022
5 Ways to Optimize Retail Marketing Analytics

Retail marketing analytics is the process of leveraging data to understand what drives sales ...

Data Science February 17, 2022
NLP and NPS: How Social Media Can Help Inform Your Business 

Successful businesses actively collect customer feedback to improve their products and ...

Data Science January 26, 2022
Inventory Optimization with Machine Learning

What is Inventory Optimization?   Inventory optimization is a way to meet critical business ...

Data Science January 21, 2022
A Demand-Driven Supply Chain Through Machine Learning

  Supply Chain Management (SCM) covers the procurement, production, transportation, ...

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