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At Aimpoint Labs we are pushing the boundaries of what is possible with data.

Our experienced team is constantly innovating to build products utilizing the latest technological advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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Our Vision

Our vision for Aimpoint Labs is to foster an environment where free-thinking, intellectual curiosity, and openness are combined with inter-organizational collaboration, experimentation, and prototyping, to develop cutting-edge research and innovation within Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Cloud Computing.


(Open Source and Software)

Open Source

Traditional Survival Analysis estimates the time to event from data where a fraction of individuals are censored. E.g., when measuring time to event since diagnosis during a medical trial, many individuals are still alive at the end of the trial, and hence their time to event is not known. Further, a fraction of these individuals are cured and never undergo the event.

Estimating the time to event when a fraction of individuals are cured, is called Cure Rate Survival Analysis. Cure Rate Survival Analysis is useful in digital marketing since many users do not click on ads, and manufacturing since not every machine breaks down in a short time period. A team of researchers and developers from Aimpoint Labs has released the first Python open-source package for Cure Rate Survival Analysis called apd-crs using a novel Hard EM algorithm in the backend, based on the recent work.

View the Documentation and Download apd-crs

Software in Development

We are currently developing a revolutionary new platform that will bring the power of Reinforcement Learning to the manufacturing industry. By leveraging the power of Deep Q learning, A.I.R (Automated Intelligent Routing), live streams product routing recommendations to facility operators, allowing dramatically increased throughput operations.

Quantum Machine Learning:

  • We are researching and prototyping novel ways to integrate machine learning into quantum computing to rapidly improve the ability to build and scale data science solutions.
  • Aimpoint Labs is here to help you leverage the power, speed, and unique capabilities of quantum to improve the ability to build data science solutions.

AI Research:

  • We are actively developing open-source packages to solve complex business use cases through partnerships with leading universities and organizations at the forefront of AI exploration.

Software Development:

  • We work with organizations to custom engineer analytical software solutions for internal usage and commercial licensing.


  • AI for AI is a rapidly growing area, and our team is actively investigating ways to leverage meta machine learning to improve standard ML. From hyperparameter optimization techniques to faster and more efficient model factories, we are making sure we are keeping our partners on the leading edge.

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Aimpoint Labs brings together great minds in software engineering, digital design, data science, and cloud computing to help our clients and partners develop game-changing solutions within their industries.

Meet our Team:

Aaron McClendon
Yash Puranik
Ben Yopp

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Aaron McClendon

Focus Areas

Machine learning, AI techniques, Software Design & Development, ML Ops, Manufacturing, Retail, Supply Chain, Inventory Management, Demand Forecasting.


BSc Georgia Institute of Technology, Nuclear Engineering

MSc University of Stuttgart, Physics

MSc (joint) Max Planck Institute for Solid State Physics


Data Robot

IBM Quantum Computing


Aaron is Aimpoint Digital’s Head of Data Science with years of expertise driving business value using data analytics. His background includes a broad range of disciplines, including serving in the military as a Naval officer, engineering, both experimental and theoretical physics, as well as machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Aaron has a deep technical knowledge of value-driving machine learning and AI techniques, as well as software design and development, deployment, integration, and ML Ops. His industry background has focused on the Manufacturing and Retail industries in the supply chain, inventory management, and demand forecasting.

Aaron is an avid traveler who enjoys spending time with his family in Atlanta, stock trading, playing guitar, and working on research related to machine learning, AI, mathematics, and computing-based projects.

Yash Puranik

Focus Areas

Intersection of mathematical optimization, data science and machine learning.


PhD, Chemical Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University

B. Tech & M.Tech, Chemical Engineering, IIT Bombay


Dataiku Advanced Designer

Dataiku Core Designer

Dataiku Developer

Dataiku ML Practitioner

Dataiku DSS L2 – Advanced Design and Data Science

Alteryx Designer Core

Yash is a Senior Data Scientist with deep expertise in developing and implementing optimization and machine learning algorithms. Yash is particularly interested in helping clients derive value by leveraging data science and optimization techniques to solve practical problems.

Prior to joining Aimpoint Digital, Yash was an Optimization Research Scientist at The Optimization Firm, where he contributed to the development of state-of-the-art optimization solver BARON. Yash delivered workshops and tutorials, helping customers unlock the full potential of the company’s products. Before this, Yash was a Research Scientist at Rockwell Automation, where Yash developed novel algorithms for learning on streaming data, which led to six (pending) patent applications. Yash obtained his PhD in Chemical Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University.

Yash lives in Pittsburgh with his cats, Gigabyte and Purrogie, and his epidemiologist wife. He spends his spare time reading, listening to music, and playing racquetball.

Fun fact: Yash’s bucket list includes learning to swim. He has taken two semester-long swimming classes unsuccessfully but has not yet given up hope!

Ben Yopp

Focus Areas

Corporate Strategy, Partnerships, Marketing, and Sales


GC, Cornell University; MS, Dartmouth College

MBA, Wake Forest University

Ben Yopp serves as a Managing Partner at Aimpoint Digital and is responsible for growth, revenue operations, and strategy. He has worked to build Aimpoint into a multi-million-dollar brand that serves an array of clients, stemming from early digital start-ups to Fortune 100 organizations through best in market data and analytics services.

He has broad experience in business / digital strategy development and has worked extensively in the Financial Services and Healthcare industries. Much of his background has been focused on marketing/growth strategy, business impact analysis, digital transformation, and analyzing industry and competitive landscapes. Prior to joining Aimpoint, Ben worked for both Wells Fargo’s Wealth and Investment Management and US Bank’s Retail Payment Services business unit – leading digital sales and services design. Prior to this, Ben worked in consulting for PwC S& and Accenture Strategy, focusing on growth strategy, customer analytics, and digital strategy.

Ben and his family live outside of Charleston, SC. He is an avid fisherman and enjoys cooking, traveling, and exploring new restaurants with his wife and friends in his spare time.

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We work hard every day to enable you to get the most out of your data and technology investments. Whether it be defining a vision and strategy or executing on tactical use cases, Aimpoint Digital helps you take an idea from thought through execution.