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Data Analytics July 28, 2022
How to Use RegEx in Dataiku

Using RegEx in Dataiku What are Regular Expressions? Regular Expressions (more commonly known ...

Data Analytics July 20, 2022
Aimpoint Digital Volunteer Day Leads to New Insights for Dog Rescue

Each year at Aimpoint Digital, the company gives all employees the time to volunteer for ...

Alteryx Execution July 13, 2022
How to Use Alteryx’s ‘Compare Workflows’ Feature

A key new feature to Alteryx Designer 2021.3 allows users to compare changes between two ...

White Papers July 6, 2022
SKU Rationalization White Paper

SKU rationalization is the procedure of understanding which products need to be maintained, ...

Alteryx Execution April 21, 2022
How to Post Messages to Microsoft Teams From Alteryx

This blog post highlights how you can post content from Alteryx into a Microsoft Teams channel. ...

Data Science March 24, 2022
Optimizing Retail Pricing Models with AI

A retailer’s success is greatly dependent on the pricing of its products. Optimizing ...

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