At Aimpoint Digital, we’re always seeking new, innovative ways to enhance our clients’ data journey and drive tangible results. That’s why we’re excited to announce our partnership with Sigma, a leader in cloud-native analytics and business intelligence. 

Why Sigma? 

Sigma’s cutting-edge platform offers a wealth of benefits that align perfectly with Aimpoint Digital’s mission to provide flexible, scalable analytic solutions with a minimal learning curve for our clients. 

How the Sigma Partnership Empowers Your Business 

Simplified Data Exploration 

Thanks to Sigma’s intuitive spreadsheet-like interface, users of all skill levels can instantly explore and gain insights from their cloud data warehouse. No coding or special training is required, making it easier than ever to gather actionable insights from your data.  

Seamless Integration 

Sigma connects natively to cloud platforms like Snowflake and Databricks, eliminating extracts and streamlining dashboard development and application creation on top of live data. Hundreds of millions of records can be analyzed instantly, allowing you to make crucial decisions faster. Native database writeback functionality allows users to make data changes and perform what-if analysis in real time – something traditional BI tools have failed to implement for years. 

Embedded Analytics Made Easy 

Sigma makes building embedded dashboards and data-driven applications simple, creating new revenue-generating opportunities for your business. Tailor what users can see and do depending on who’s logging in through implementing streamlined security models.  

Advanced Analytics Capabilities

Take advantage of Python and UDFs in Snowflake and Databricks in Sigma to provide interactive, insightful visuals for data science and MLOps teams.  

Rapid Time to Value: Our Real-Life Use Case 

One of the most compelling aspects of Sigma is how quickly customers can build valuable solutions from scratch. To demonstrate this, our team built a web application featuring embedded analytics on Sigma.

In just under 7 days, our application was complete with database writeback, row-level security to enable a multi-tenant environment, as well as integration with the Google Places API. This rapid deployment underscores the robust functionality and ease of use Sigma can bring to your business as you look to unlock the potential of your data in a matter of days, not months. 

Want to see our application in action? You can see and interact with it here.

What the Sigma Partnership Means for You 

Our partnership with Sigma represents a step forward in our commitment to delivering value through innovative solutions that give you better ways to work with data. 

Ready to unlock the power of your data with Aimpoint Digital and Sigma? Reach out to us today to learn more about how our partnership can benefit your business.