AimPoint digs deeper into what makes customers tick, giving your business a key advantage by offering a better picture of who you serve. Using prescriptive and predictive analytics, we help you create detailed customer profiles to ensure you know them as well as their neighborhood bankers do. Our advanced statistical methods, unmatched in the analytics industry, allow you to find out what matters to the people who matter most.

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With unparalleled analytics capabilities, AimPoint offers the tools you need to move drugs to market. Our data expertise will help you pinpoint the most efficient way to design and run clinical trials as well as manage your portfolio, meaning you’ll get the drugs you develop into the hands of the people who need them most.

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With a cadre of top-tier solution architects, we want to help you tap into what matters to your business, whether it’s by creating customer portraits, managing risk, moving products to market more efficiently, or bulking up your cloud infrastructure.


We mine incredibly complex troves of information, and our capabilities in IT and the cloud will unlock their power so that you can use information more efficiently. By capturing the data you need at the speed you need it, we’ll give you actionable insights to take your business to the next level.


And, with less overhead for these services than competitors face, Aimpoint offers clients excellent return on investment.


Cloud / AWS

By leveraging our expertise, your organization can effectively build and manage a cloud-based environment.

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Advanced Analytics

Wherever your company stands in its analytics journey, we can accelerate the way you mine data through our four-step approach.

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Big Data

Our business-value-first approach will ensure your business will reap returns from your big data investment.

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