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Workshop Highlights and Key Takeaways

Join us on May 18th for a transformative workshop to learn how to revamp your supply chain strategy in a post-pandemic world, brought to you by Gurobi Optimization and Aimpoint Digital.

Uncover the secrets to planning and executing a successful supply chain journey. Discover cutting-edge insights and strategies from the experts in this comprehensive workshop, which will cover:

• Supply Chain Resilience: Learn from industry leaders at Straumann on the critical aspects of designing and executing a strategic vision for supply chain optimization in the wake of global disruptions.

• Mathematical Optimization: Gain insights from Pfizer practitioners on how leveraging mathematical optimization can deliver exceptional value in production scheduling and enhance overall supply chain efficiency.

• Future-proofing your Supply Chain: Hear from Gurobi and Aimpoint Digital’s thought leaders on actionable steps you can implement today to stay ahead of the curve and adapt to the ever-evolving supply chain landscape.

Take advantage of this opportunity to refine your supply chain approach and ensure the long-term success of your business. Secure your spot in this exclusive workshop today!


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