Healthcare Industries

Harnessing analytics to improve not only your models for treating patients but also actively engaging in long-term wellness management.

Providing you with the right solution through our 5-step approach:

Integrate your structured and unstructured data

Manage your data by utilizing our big data and cloud solutions

Drive performance by developing value-based and operational reporting metrics

Amplify your decision making through risk modeling

Enable cross-channel engagement to increase collaboration between patients, physicians, and employees

Drive down costs

Tailored strategies for the healthcare sector to not only capture your data but also understand what your data illustrates. With the knowledge provided from your data make informed decisions and drive down costs.

EMR analytics dashboards driven by the needs of healthcare providers

A major theme across healthcare providers is the lack of insights being leveraged from their EMR data due to poor standard reporting.

We partnered with our clients to devise a better out of the box reporting capability for EMR systems that are driven by the needs of healthcare providers.

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Highlighted customer success


Improved patients meeting quality metric measures by 22%

Large medical practice

Client challenge: Physicians/staff, operations and C-suite lacked transparency into patients’ quality metrics, overdue patient paperwork and physician utilization.

Our Approach: Created an automated dashboarding solution that regularly auto refreshed by leveraging AWS to store EMR data, Alteryx to process and analyze the data and Tableau to host dashboards. Designed dashboards using an agile methodology with iterative stakeholder feedback to create the insights needed.

Outcome: Improved overall patient care through the transparency of quality metrics (58% to 71% overall quality metrics satisfied) and decreased time to bill and fill prescriptions to better serve patients (52% decrease in overdue paperwork).


Reduced project budgets by 20%

Global Pharmaceutical R&D Firm

Client challenge: COO had limited visibility into state of R&D portfolio, functions, projects and studies. As well as a need to understand especially projects that were behind schedule and over budget.

Our Approach: Created a data lake to integrate data from Planisware and SAP to quickly build a dashboarding solution in Tableau. The Tableau-based solution enabled the COO to quickly go from an entire portfolio-level view and drill down into individual functions, projects and studies.

Outcome: COO and R&D Operations team was able to quickly identify and intervene in problematic projects and studies. Severely over budget projects were reduced by 20%.

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