Advanced Analytics

Strategic Value from targeted analytics

Wherever your company stands in its analytics journey, AimPoint Digital can accelerate the way you mine data through our four-step approach. If your organization is just getting started or in need of some direction, we can help create an analytics strategy that aligns your business priorities to data and analytics capabilities.


Additionally, we offer an army of data scientists to help solve advanced analytic challenges. With our Business-Value First approach, AimPoint Digital will ensure maximum return on investment from your analytics spend. By marrying our Big Data and Cloud expertise with our outstanding data science team, there’s no descriptive, predictive or prescriptive challenge we can’t solve.


Our four-step approach can make your organization a leader in analytics:


1. Define Information and Analytics Strategy

  • Assess current state of data and analytics capability, including how people currently use data, any information gaps and the current technology landscape.
  • Define the desired future state and vision for how data could be more effectively leveraged for decision making.
  • Identify gaps in data, technology and people for achieving the desired vision.
  • Define specific data and analytics use cases, and prioritize based on potential business value and ease of execution.
  • Built roadmap for achieving desired data and analytics future state.

2. Execute Analytics Pilots and Define Operating Model

  • Execute Pilots on “High Priority” (High Business Value, easy to implement) use cases defined during strategy phase.
  • Defined ongoing organizational operating model for new data and analytic capability.

3. Implement and Embed Operating Model

  • Implement and embed capabilities piloted during previous phase.
  • Initiate and execute new projects through defined operating model.

4. Ongoing Steady State

  • “Analytics as a service” model for executing, implementing and embedding capabilities as needed and defined by the business.

Our army of data scientists can help solve your challenges and ensure maximum return on investment from your analytics spend.